Engine cover

Engine cover


To create ideal protection we used revolutionary technologies and the best patents.

* Safety system “TakE-OFF”

During collision system “TakE-OFF” solves task of slow, emergency move of engine. The casing is releasing from strengthen while deformation of force elements of body car.

* System of blowing “BloW-OFF”

To exclude possibility of overheating the engine or gearbox, front side of the casing has special cuts, which are protecting necessary air flow to heat removal.

*Beams, which are absorbing the energy “OFF-Energy”

Beam is the base of system, which is created of special, plastic material able to deformation. Beam is taking the energy of hit, at the moment of invading on the obstacle. In particular models the beam is taking the thickness to 8 millimeters. System “OFF-Energy” is minimizes the effects of physical activity.

* Protecting shell “ZiPoFlex”

The hardest task for engineers was do the right protect against the corrosion. Powder paints didn’t give us any good effects. We figured out that the best choice is to use the elastic zinc-polymer composite, which is resistant against weather and mechanical conditions. The technology of “ZiPoFlex” is the most effective protection.

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